Safety is a core value shared by CPMCA and our community of member contractors and labor partners. We want to be sure everyone gets home safely and work is completed efficiently and thoughtfully. To that end, CPMCA provides resources and incentives to promote construction safety and a well-trained workforce.

Safety Training

CPMCA provides top-quality safety training through our Education Program. We provide training for employees at different levels, from project managers to foremen to executives, with an eye to improving work and business practices in the context of safety. We welcome our members and their teams to attend any of our training seminars at little or no cost. Membership also includes the availability of online webinars via ClickSafety.

Safety Awards

The Annual CPMCA Safety Star Awards recognize and reward safety excellence and provide statistical reports to all candidates by which they can evaluation their company’s safety performance. Awards are based on Recordable Case Incidence Rates¬† and Lost Workday Cases Incidence Rates, in each category by company size and type of work. Companies with the lowest incidence rates and fewest workdays lost will receive awards. Winners receive public recognition and are awarded a prize to share with the workforce.

CPMCA Safety Committee

The CPMCA Safety Committee includes safety professionals from our member contractors. The group meets regularly to share news, legal and regulatory updates, ideas, best practices and stories on the topic of safety. The open sharing of information ensures an informed, prepared and safe industry.