About Us

California Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association (CPMCA) is the voice of the union mechanical contracting industry in Southern California. We believe strongly in the businesses that make up our industry and we seek to serve their interests—from promoting contracting opportunities to providing career advancement paths.

We offer invaluable networking, education and advocacy programs to member contracting companies. CPMCA also provides career training to students in high schools and higher education institutions to shore up the future of our workforce.

CPMCA also works closely with Southern California’s state and local decision-makers to promote favorable policies and raise awareness of issues facing the industry. We strongly advocate for public and private investment in infrastructure projects in order to generate new business opportunities for our members.

Of course, work isn’t just given away. Contracts are earned by businesses that display expertise, professionalism and integrity. That is why CPMCA offers members ongoing career training and safety-first programs. A CPMCA membership offers instant credibility with new clients and those that have worked with CPMCA members in the past.

Today, a diverse roster of over 100 businesses makes up the CPMCA member base. And all members are signatory to the District 16 Master Labor Agreement. We are proud to include woman- and minority-owned businesses among our ranks.

Join us in building a successful industry for today and tomorrow.

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CPMCA is committed to operating in compliance with both state and federal antitrust laws that prohibit agreements among competitors that unreasonably restrain trade. The entire antitrust policy is available in the CPMCA Bylaws.