Letter from CPMCA Board President Steve Fosdick


As one of the largest MCAA chapters in the country, it’s no surprise that we have built a strong reputation. Our peers look to us as a model for a thriving, successful chapter.

As your new board president, my goal is to build on the strong foundation laid by former board president Jay Chase and lead the organization to fulfill our meaningful mission.

CPMCA Board President Steve Fosdick

2022 CPMCA Board President Steve Fosdick, Murray Company

Our top priority is to continue to engage current and potential members about the benefits of CPMCA membership. The strength of our chapter is because of the enduring peer-to-peer relationships we work hard to establish, and we must continue to leverage these relationships to grow our membership.

Your involvement as a member of the organization is key to our chapter’s success. Whether you are an established contractor or a new contractor starting your company, the lasting connections we develop at CPMCA are unparalleled in other organizations.

Of course, education is another critical arm of our chapter’s work. The membership benefits for employee education for both the project management level and the field supervisor level are best-in-class.

Finally, our relationships and cooperation with our union labor partners are second to none.

With strong leadership, enduring relationships and engaged membership, we will continue to be recognized as a leader in the industry for years to come.


Steve Fosdick