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No matter what your experience level or stage of your career — high school student, military veteran, seasoned contractor — you deserve a chance to be the best you can be. CPMCA strives to create diverse opportunities in plumbing and mechanical contracting. It is with great pride and purpose that CPMCA membership is closely aligned with the United Association. We believe that union affiliation:

  • Provides good jobs with strong income and benefit potential
  • Provides a long-term career with financial stability
  • Presents diverse and challenging projects in an essential industry
  • Supports continuous career growth through skills training and education

CPMCA wants to make sure that our members will continue to prosper now and into the future. Click here for the latest career opportunities.


Safety and quality are inseparable — you simply cannot have one without the other. Both are essential for the success of professionals, projects and businesses. CPMCA’s safety training programs and resources ensure that you and your crew are working within the most current OSHA guidelines. ClickSafety, our go-to destination for online training, employs an in-house team of Certified Safety Professionals (CSP), Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH) and other industry professionals to create and maintain the most comprehensive and up-to-date online safety training program available. Read More


The Piping Industry Progress and Education (P.I.P.E) Alternative Dispute Resolution program is designed to:

  • Expedite dispute resolution.
  • Improve access to quality medical care for those with work-related injuries.
  • Provide Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage that benefits labor, management and the industry at-large.
    Click here to visit the P.I.P.E. website.