Chevron Depropanizer Unit
PMI installed foundations, underground piping, a new depropanizer tower, a four-level steel structure, vessels, and pumps. They also installed new 30” Cooling Water piping, supports, and access platforms, and tie-in to basin at an existing cooling tower.

CPMCA Member: Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Owner: Chevron Products Company
Contractor: Foster Wheeler
Architect: Foster Wheeler
Project Location: El Segundo

Brea-Olinda Power II
A new facility, consisted of using landfill gas as the gas supply for the combustion turbines, by capturing methane gas from the decaying trash. It was divided into gas collection/conditioning area and the power block area.

CPMCA Member: Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Engineer: GCC – Venture Engineering; Power Block - Stantec
Owner: Brea Power II, LLC
Contractor: DCO Ca., Inc.
Project Location: Brea

Spectrolab Super Project
The expansion and retrofit of solar cell and panel manufacturing facility included design and constructing a Class 10,000 clean room and 400-ton central plant cooling facility. Replacement of old central plant systems equipment.

CPMCA Member: Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Owner: Spectrolab
Contractor: Kinetic Systems, Inc.
Architect: Page Southerland Page LLP
Project Location: Sylmar

El Segundo Energy Center Project
This 550-megawatt, Siemens Flex 10 – 1x1 combined cycle power plant involved civil/foundations, ACC erection, CTG and STG erection, HRSG SCR, air-cooled heat exchanger, GSU (4), gas compressors, I&E, structural steel, piping and balance of plant equipment.

CPMCA Member: ARB, Inc. – Industrial Group
Owner: NRG
Project Location: El Segundo

El Centro Unit 3 Re-Powering Project, Epc
The scope of work on this project included engineering, fabrication, civil/foundations, cooling tower erection, CTG and STG erection, HRSG’s (2), I&E, structural steel, piping, balance of plant equipment commissioning and performance testing.

CPMCA Member: ARB, Inc. – Industrial Group
Owner: Imperial Irrigation District
Project Location: El Centro

Keahole St7 Conversion
PMI installed two HRSG’s, one steam turbine and generator, ACC unit and all associated piping, valves, pumps and tanks. The project included detailing and fabrication of large and small-bore piping at the PMI Los Angles pipe fabrication shop.

CPMCA Member: Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Owner: Black & Veatch
Contractor: Hawaiian Electric and Light Company
Architect: Black & Veatch
Project Location: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

GWF Tracy
PMI installed 25 cell air-cooled condensers and turbine exhaust duct. The project included approximately 3,042 feet of large-bore pipe, 1,320 feet of small-bore pipe, 1,424 tons of structural steel, 107 tons of platforms, and 170 cubic feet of grout.

CPMCA Member: Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Owner: GWF Power Systems
Contractor: Performance Mechanical, Inc.
Architect: PB Power
Project Location: Tracy