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Online courses are available free of charge to members only and can be taken at any time. You will need internet access and your username and password to log into the training. If you do not have your password information, you can receive it by calling CPMCA at (213) 417-9177. To find out how to become a member, please click here: Membership Information

Retro-Commissioning ~ NEW 2013 ~ by Chris Philbrick

Retro-Commissioning is a commissioning process applied to existing buildings that have never been commissioned. Read more>>

Workplace Violence ~ NEW! 2013 ~ by Rick Maltz

Workplace violence is a leading liability to employers, but can be prevented with proper on-the-job measures. Read more>>

Mechanical Estimating Techniques ~ By Keith Rahn

If you can expertly estimate the cost of a construction project, you have the edge in the bidding process. Read more>>

BIM 101 ~ By Dwayne Lindsey

There is simply no easier way to learn about BIM (Building Information Modeling) than viewing this easy to understand webcast. Read more>>

Active Listening ~ By Mark Matteson

Active Listening is vital in today’s business environment. In this webcast, you will learn from Mark Matteson the 4 steps to Active Listening and how to apply them in everyday business communication with your customers. Read more>>

Excel: Insert Excel Sheet into Word ~ By Ginnie Floraday

You can incorporate an Excel workbook into your Word document. Read more>>

Excel: Solver Procedure ~ By Ginnie Floraday

This webcast will show you how to use the Solver function in Excel to streamline formulas in spreadsheets. Read more>>

Excel: Summarizing Data with Subtotals in Excel ~ By Ginnie Floraday

When the data is in list form, Microsoft Excel can calculate and insert subtotals in a worksheet. Read more>>

Going Green – Valuable Opportunities for Mechanical Contractors ~ By Jeff Grossberg

Jeff Grossberg will inform member contractors about the growing demand of sustainable technology.

Green Building: LEED Certification and Sustainable Design ~ By Lincoln Pearce
Part 1
Part 2

Once considered a passing fad, green building has driven its roots deep into the American landscape.

Green Building: LEED Certification “So You Want to be a Green Contractor” ~ By Dan Bulley

Learn what it takes to become a green contractor with Dan Bulley.

Microsoft Office 2007 Excel ~ By Ginnie Floraday

This webcast will give an overview to the updated version of Excel including improvements to pivot tables, filters and advanced formatting.

Microsoft Office 2007 Overview ~ By Ginnie Floraday

This webcast will give an overview to the updated versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Microsoft Word Fill-In Forms – Build a Word document with Fields ~ By Ginnie Floraday

A form is a structured document with spaces reserved for entering information. You design the form, and others can fill it in on paper or in Microsoft Word. Read More >>

PowerPoint: Introduction to PowerPoint 2007 ~ By Ginnie Floraday
Part 1
Part 2
This webcast will provide an overview to the updated version of PowerPoint. This training is in two parts, so please start with Introduction to PowerPoint Part 1, then proceed to Part 2.

Water Efficiency and How It Relates to Green Building ~ By Jim Allen
This online course will inform member contractors about the importance of water conservation, as well as ways to improve water efficiency in a building project.