DC 16 Apprentice Takes Top Spot at Regional Apprentice Competition

Apprentices from DC 16 competed in the United Association’s annual Western Regional Apprentice Competition in Las Vegas, NV at UA Local 525 in June.Contestants demonstrated union excellence by competing in hands-on projects and written assessments in the disciplines of Plumbing, Pipefitting, Welding, HVAC-R & Sprinkler Fitting.

Local 250’s Gavin McKeown

CPMCA is thrilled by Local 250’s Gavin McKeown placing first for HVAC-R, Local 78’s Aurelio Zepeda Jr. placing second for Plumbers, and Local 250’s Miguel Espinoza placing 2nd for Welders.

Apprentices from DC 16 qualified after advancing from the California State Apprentice Competition in May, showcasing the high standards of performance and excellence in their training programs.

McKeown and other 1st place winners advance to the United Association International Apprentice Contest in August to compete during ITP in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Congratulations to all apprentices who competed as well as placed!

1st: Kyle Salva – Local Union 483, San Francisco, CA
2nd: Matthew T.E. West – Local Union 669, Columbia, MD

1st: Austin Barry – Local Union 26, Lacey, WA
2nd: Alex Lopez – Local Union 342, Oakland CA

1st: Nickolas Vasknetz – Local Union 525, Las Vegas, NV
2nd: Aurelio Zepeda Jr. – Local Union 78, Los Angeles, CA (DC 16)

1st: Gavin McKeown – Local Union 250, Los Angeles, CA (DC 16)
2nd: Nathan Lanning – Local Union 58, Colorado Springs, CO

1st: Levi Witt – Local Union 525, Las Vegas, NV
2nd: Miguel Espinoza – Local Union 250, Los Angeles, CA (DC 16)