Top Tips for Construction Safety Week from ACCO Engineered Systems

May 6-10 marks this year’s Construction Safety Week, where we recognize the vital importance of maintaining safe working conditions. Companies working in trades from pipefitting and electrical to HVAC and steel fabrication are spending time this week recommitting to proactive workplace safety. In this article, CPMCA contractor member ACCO Engineered Systems is sharing their top safety tips, from Pre-Task-Planning to personal responsibility.

“Safety starts with you.  Being proactive and accountable for safety will allow you to go above and beyond in maintaining safe working environments.”

Travis Walker, Area Safety Manager

“Extreme weather has shown us how important it is to pay attention to your environment as well as the changes in weather and seasons.  Whether hot, cold, wet or dry, it’s crucial to prepare in advance for inclement weather.”

Vanessa Juarez, Area Safety Manager

“Always review and update the Pre-Task-Planning (PTP) job tasks to ensure hazards are understood and addressed prior to the commencement of work.  If new tasks are added throughout the day, make sure everyone is aware and the adjustments are well documented.”

Jamaal Landry, Area Safety Manager  

“Attitude and morale play a huge role in job site safety programs. As safety professionals, we spend a lot of time engaging and communicating with field crew members setting the tone and Safety culture. Positive attitudes are contiguous as well as negative.”

Dameon Smith, Area Safety Manager

“We can have the best PPE and tools, but the greatest protection is by designing the work with safety at the forefront.  Not planning for a hazard is just as dangerous as the hazard itself.”

Lauren Maruya, CSP

“When it comes to overhead work, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings.  Develop a plan to mitigate hazards and communicate it with your crew and others working around you.”

Luis Leal

“Safety is a personal responsibility.  It is a personal commitment and a way of life. Safety is being able to earn a living and make it home safely to your loved ones.”

Gary Lambert, CHST

“Inspection of PPE, tools and equipment are important prior to starting work. It’s important to protect yourself by taking the time and steps to ensure they are in good working condition.  Working with unsafe PPE, tools and equipment is putting yourself at risk and others!”

Art Robledo, CHST


Regardless of their role, each team member contributes to a culture of safety, from the fab shop to the construction site. CPMCA’s members are taking the time during this year’s Construction Safety Week to check and double check our safety protocols, so that we protect our most valuable assets – the people who give their best to their work, every single day. To learn more about how you can get involved during Construction Safety Week, check out