New Stay at Home Order (December 2, 2020)

December 2, 2020

On behalf of Eddie Bernacchi –

As soon as tomorrow, Governor Newsom will announce a new stay-at-home order for California similar to what was issued in March. It is no longer a matter of if the order will be issued at this point, but when.  Our understanding is that the new state order may contain variances by county, triggered by intensive care unit occupancy rates.  We continue to focus our efforts on ensuring the order does not alter the existing, construction relevant, definitions of an “Essential Workforce.”  Broadly, our industry is covered under “Sector Index” number 13 of the definitions. Under that section, construction firms are authorized to operate during a stay-at-home order.  At this moment, we do not expect the Governor to make any changes to the construction industry definitions.  Nevertheless, the state order will not superseded local safety orders. Individual cities and counties possess the authority to adopt more stringent public safety standards that could impact construction activities in greater detail. We will update you as soon as something official is announced.